As the Smoke Clears

In an American election, there are always (at least at this point in history) two opposing sides that are in a very real sense of the word fighting to support their own agenda. So today, six days after the end of the "war of 2018 American politics" I want to share my two cents as the smoke clears. Specifically, my thoughts on how we ought to act as Christians, during this season, and the one to come. 

From the Valley

I spent a little over 12 months wallowing in self-pity. I woke up every day with no purpose, went to work, came home, went to bed, then did it all over again. Were there moments of happiness? Yes. Were there good things? Yes. But my life was defined by being apathetic to the calling on my life and looking for anything but God in my circumstance. I blamed the Church, I blamed my ex-supervisor, I blamed myself. What I never did, was turn my eyes upward, and look at my kind, loving, gracious Father and simply trust that HE knew what HE was doing.

We Only Hire A’s

I saw a tweet from the Southern Baptist Conventions brand new President, J.D. Greear over the weekend. The first line of the tweet read: "God doesn't need talented people!" It was an excerpt to an article on his website that another staff member/friend had written, and it brought me back to a meeting last summer... Continue Reading →

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