The Book of ELI

I am obsessed with stories. Anything and everything that has an intriguing story with relatable characters has my eye. So people, with all their intricacies, imperfections, and quirks often draw my attention. 

One of my favorite stories of all time “Enders Game” puts this much better and far more eloquently than me. The main character in the book comes to understand something profound about the human condition. He understands that when you truly know someone and understand their motives, it is almost impossible not to love them in the way they love themselves. If we ever put ourselves in the shoes of another we begin to understand their motives, their desires, and why they do what they do. 

So back to stories. Every person out there has one. The life, and therefore story, of every human that takes a breath on this earth, has a beginning and end. They all start with a prologue of two people coming together and creating this third person in a moment of love, or lust, or passion. Then the first chapter of the book of their life begins in one of many different ways. From that point on, the book changes depending on the person, and there are almost no two stories that are exactly the same. If we had a bookshelf with the book of every person’s life that ever existed we would find joy, sorrow, pain, and triumph in every one of them. We would find moments that made us laugh till we were rolling on the floor and moments that made us stop and take a moment to process the grief that we were experiencing. 

Every person’s book is different. And every person’s book matters. 

On a beautiful evening in Dallas Texas, just as the sun was beginning to set on the horizon, the first chapter of The Book of Eli was penned by the creator of the universe. 

Eli Justin Brumit, my second son, was born three and a half weeks early at 4:58pm on Thursday, November 15th. He weighed 6lbs 6oz, was 18 3/4 inches long and he was perfect. Since that moment he has passed every test, met every benchmark and he went home less than 48 hours after he was born, ahead of schedule. 

Since then Eli has enjoyed so much love from so many visitors coming to see him. I won’t bore you with all the pictures from each person, but I will share one video of my favorite visitor that came to see him. 

Titus meets Eli for the first time ๐Ÿ™‚

This introduction is the first interaction of what I’m sure will turn into a fast friendship over the years. Eli was held by many and loved by all, and it makes my heart happy to know there are so many people who will love him, even if some are from afar. 

I don’t know if it’s just me being whimsical, but I think the Book of Eli’s life is going to be a great read. Until recently I had great aspirations of how I was going to change the world. With my words, with my love for others, or some other way. I was convinced I would be like so many great characters in the novels I love. While it may seem silly, I think it was just my love of a good story, and the desperate desire to live a meaningful life. 

Now though, I think the greatest contribution to the world that I may give is my children. Titus is such a tender-hearted lover of people. He loves to smile and laugh and make others happy. He is polite and oh so smart. I know he already has a great capacity to love (and throw the occasional tantrum).

I know almost nothing of Eli’s personality. But I can’t wait to learn him, know him, and love him. The Book of Eli has just begun, but I’m sure that by the end, it’s going to be a fantastic read. 

If you want to be flooded by pictures of beautiful children then just follow me on my social media links, I make beautiful babies. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Crying like a big baby right now. Such beautiful words. Titus and Eli are so blessed to have you a part of their story and I know my children are as well. And I really need to read Ender Games!

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  2. Since I never got around to posting my comment on your previous post, I hope youโ€™ll accept a comment on this one as consolation. lol I would like to respond to this. The perspective here is a good one, and I think that, as you pointed out in the post, it is one that is easy to undervalue or overlook as we are growing up, daydreaming about how we will change the world on some massive scale. We forget about the massive scale difference that a good mother, bad mother, good father, or bad father can produce in the lives of individuals, and how that can affect the world as a whole. It sounds a little dramatic, but I think itโ€™s true that mothers and fathers play a pivotal role in producing the world their grandchildren will inhabit. And thatโ€™s an influence on the world that should not be taken lightly. I especially appreciate hearing this perspective because I think so much of what we think about as young people is how successful we want to be in the realm of our career endeavors. And that, no doubt, is an important enough aspect of life to consider and give due attention to. But if the human race is to go on existing, then we cannot forget the importance of the co-authoring role parents play in the lives of their children, wether positive or negative. Thanks for the refreshing perspective, brother.

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  3. I love this message and agree completely. There’s no more important job or contribution to this world than being a great parent. None of us are perfect but it’s important to do your best raising and loving your children.


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